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Exterior Painting Company in Vancouver and Burnaby !

Let your exteriors talk about your sense of style and d├ęcor fashion. Budget & Save Painters and Decorators offer you the best quality painting services at extremely affordable prices. We handle a variety of exterior painting and decorating work, right from the customized interior finishes to heritage homes. We are thorough professionals who work to your satisfaction and offer you quality services at affordable prices. We offer trust, punctuality and reliability to our customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the results at the end of the day.

We offer special discounts on large as well as small painting projects.

You can contact us to receive free estimates for our services. We offer complete painting services for high quality exterior painting services in Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia. Whether you have a new construction, private property or a commercial set ups, we are dedicated to exceed beyond your expectations with impeccable painting services. We make sure that the exterior painting that we provide increases the life of the exterior paint and you need less maintenance work on it. We have thorough professionals who understand the diverse exterior painting needs of different clients and works towards meeting them.

We have years of experience and expertise in working on commercial and residential exterior painting contractor needs. We use the highest quality of exterior paints and other painting products to get the best possible results. These include flat, eggshell, pearl, semi-gloss and gloss finishes.

Some of the main highlighting of our exterior painting services that separates us from the rest include the following:

  • Free in-home needs assessment and estimate


– With thoroughly inspect your property and listen to your needs carefully for creating service proposals that meet your needs completely.

  • Property Cleaning

– Surface preparation is done prior to painting the surface. We use advanced technology in thoroughly cleaning the surface and also used power washing for removing dirt, grease and dust from the surface. This is an important requirement to ensure that there is proper adhesion of paints and primers to the surface.

  • Preparation & Masking

– The next level of preparation includes the scraping off old paint from the surface and sanding the uneven areas. The primer is then applied to prepare the surface. The areas that do not need to be painted such as windows, doors, faucets etc are masked properly.

  • Painting

– Painting is the main essence of our service. We spray, hand brush or roll on the paint selected by you with our expert help. We provide at least two coats of paint to ensure that you have even colors on your walls.

  • Post-Paint Cleaning

– We ensure that you are happy and content with our service at the end of the day. We clean the entire area before calling it a day as we care for each and every item in your house including furnishing, doors, windows, light fixtures, carpeting etc.

  • Client Inspection/Walk through

– Our main aim is to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with our painting service. Hence, the project is finished only once you make a thorough inspection of your property and approve of our services.

We also offer you a personalized written notice to offer you a three-year guarantee for our painting services.

Exterior Painting Contractor & Company in Vancouver and Burnaby

Budget & Save Painters and Decorators are one of the leading names in the painting industry. We use exterior product lines that are weather-resistant and of high quality. Our expertise lies in exterior wood, masonry projects and stucco. We have a highly skilled team of painters who have years of experience in providing top notch exterior painting services. Our wide clientele is inclusive of building developers, residential home owners, contractors, private investors and interior designers. With our extensive experience and dedication to quality service, we assure you that your home or your commercial set up will get a magical renovation with our painting brush!

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We are proud to list below another residential home and fence project (Point Grey,West Side Area,) completed by
“Budget & Save Painters and Color Design.”

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  • Exterior Painting Company

Natural Product Lines

We popularize and encourage the use of natural products for painting your homes and offices. We use natural, breathe easy product line that is made available to some of the most sensitive projects as well. Our painting services provided at health centre and medical institutes ensures that only natural products are used here that are low on VOC content in them. Some of the projects include Health Care projects, Nursery Care projects, and In-Home Residential Nursing projects.

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