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To redefine the look and appeal of a home, with quality painting and good use of color, it is a good idea to call for services from a reputable painting company in Burnaby. And at Budget & Save Painters, we cater to all such painting needs.

Our teams of painting experts apply their skills and expertise, as well as offering color design consulting to help homeowners achieve the improved look they dream of having. We are the best at meeting diverse house painting needs and fulfilling the dreams of our clients. Our painting services result in impressive, eye catching homes with attractive, professional paint application and complementary paint colors.

Interior and Exterior Painting for Homes

Painting services play a vital role in creating the overall impression of the interior and exterior of a home.As award-winning painting contractors in Burnaby, we help our clients to update the look and feel of their places. Not only that, our services will likely to add value to the homes we serve.

When it comes to property maintenance, having your home repainted over time is an important responsibility of the homeowner.

We will help you reflect your style and desires through the choice of paint colors for your home. And the choice of high quality paint will transform your property, giving it a rich, quality appearance.

Reputable Commercial Painting Service in Burnaby

To serve commercial properties with our painting services, we start by first understanding the specific needs of the clients. Then we dispatch our experienced team of painters to meet those needs and transform the property.

Property maintenance with quality painting services is also an investment. We will make sure that your investment results in long term benefits, with quality paint and professional application.

Warehouse, dealership, retail store, office, or restaurant; we have the experience of serving them all!

Unmatched Painting Service Quality at the Best Rates

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Excellent professional and quality service coming from Budget & Save Painters. We were very happy that they serviced our area of Highgate/Edmonds in Burnaby without additional travel fees. Our initial consultation was efficient and the estimate they provided was very reasonable. We could tell right away that they had passion and stood behind the quality of their work. We don’t have a lot of natural light coming into our town-home and wanted to brighten the place up with paint. Budget & Save Painters gave us great advice on what needed to be done to make the place look bright and clean. I also couldn’t believe how much they could cover in a very short amount of time. We moved here one year ago before having our son and it now really feels like home. We know we have future work coming and we will definitely be contacting them again. Thanks Kerry for working with us!

~ Narissa Wallace

We had great interactions with Budget & Save Painters, and Kerry was very easy to deal with. Right from the start of contacting the company we felt taken care of. They were all very professional and really helped us out during this busy time of the year. We found their prices to be better than the other estimates we had received, and the quality of service was not compromised in the least. Customer service was excellent and we will be recommending this company to all of our friends.

~ Sadie silver2

Budget & Save Painters were very detailed, passionate, and provided us with great customer support. I always get a warm fuzzy feeling in our place when I go home now. Budget & Save Painters had directed us in many colors to pick out from that I never would had normally selected. After a lot of browsing in paint stores, measuring rooms, humming and hawing, and thinking, decided to use Budget & Save Painters as they seemed to be a good fit for our in-home renovations. The detail of work that they had provided is amazing! Willing to make you happy even if it takes extra time and effort. Our place looks like a palace now! Great service and we would highly recommend them!

~ Anjanette Babyband

As far as dealing with the team, very professional, and cares about the quality of their work. They were all very helpful and had even provided advise and assistance on other renovation issues in our place, unrelated to decorating or painting. The company exceeded our expectations, and we would trust them again on our next renovation. We would highly recommend the team.

~ Kraig Palmer

Budget & Save Painters were so accommodating to us. They walked me through everything to do with painting & decorating and were so detailed. The team were straight forward and honest. When I called for an estimate, they were responsive, friendly, and they were on-time. Communication between their office was quick and thorough. With my permission, they were able to sample 2 rooms in my place while I was out doing errands. Budget & Save Painters team color consultant (Tabatha) was so on the ball with creating out-of-the-box color combinations, with versatile color themes, pairing warm yellows, rich blues, and cool greens, even going out of her way to up load a few on her tablet to see the visuals and comparisons… to get this flexible palette with meaning. Blue is the richest color for me and Tabatha put allot of effort in pulling that sophisticated design balance to give that dreamy, unique vibe, and bold effect. A clean vibrant palette overall and I love it! What an elegant look! I am grateful for Tabatha and the team at Budget & Save Painters…I will be recommending them to my colleagues and family. Thank you so much!

~ Michelle Designdei

Budget & Save Painters were all very helpful and even went above and beyond in assisting us with a home renovation. I was impressed with the leadership and information provided by the company. They responded immediately to my questions on interior and exterior painting & decorating. Their prices were very reasonable compared to the rest of the quotes we received. The Designer/color consultant was very intuitive, friendly and quick to get back to us to set down an appointment. Thank you so much for all of the attention –We definitely will be referring you to family and friends.

~ Andy Chandler

Wow, I was so presently surprised with my experience in dealing with Budget & Save Painters . Let me start off by saying the company really does love what they do. You can always tell by the way someone presents themselves, and how they interact with you. Budget & Save Painters really does care and will teach you step by step on the process of painting & decorating- and they go way above your expectations. The prices are very reasonable, and they will insure you are happy at the end. I can go on and on and on of how detailed and great their work is, but I hope you will be able to experience it for yourself. I need them back now to conquer designing colors for our kitchen. I will be recommending them to my colleagues.

~ Siri Abiydan