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Hire a Budget & Save Painter for a Full Day! Get Special Discounted rates

Just have your home or office ready and hire one of our Professional Painters for the Day!

  • Full 7.5 Hrs of Painting to be completed in the same day.
  • Site Visit Fee of $59.00 Included with Full Day Service
  • Touch up’s or whatever you need done! You’re the boss for the day.
  • Budget & Save Painters will provide the Professional, and all the tools to get your job done.
  • Ceilings, walls, Baseboards, Minor Drywall repairs, you choose it.
  • You supply the type of paint you want and we will do the work!
  • Budget & Save Painters customers can purchase paint at our cost from General Paint, Cloverdale Paints, Dulux or one of our Benjamin Moore suppliers.
  • Interior or Exterior Work or a combination of both on the same day only.
  • Specialty equipment, power sprayers, tall ladders, hoists charged extra as per site requirements if required.
  • Special must be purchase on-line or thru our website.
  • Can be shared with your neighbor if you don’t have a full day of work.
  • Guaranteed Job Satisfaction from Budget & Save Painters and Decorators.
  • Must be booked in advance and only available if purchased online. 25% Cancellation fee’s applied if appointment is cancelled within 24 hrs of scheduled appointment

* Some conditions may apply

Rent a Budget & Save Painter for the day Full Day Pro Package (Limited Special ) Starting from $899.00 Plus $60.00 Paint Credit.


Just get your residence or commercial office ready and hire one of our Experts for half the day 3.75 hrs or the full day 7.5 hrs
Flat Rate Pricing model, No per unit charges.

  • Full 3.75 hrs of Work included or 7.5 hrs for a Full Day package must be completed the same day (Schedules can be adjusted if agreed upon by customer and the painter).
  • No Extra Charge for Travel Time, Clock Starts when we arrive
  • We provide our Amazing Painters and we come with our tools and ready to work.
  • You’re the boss for half the day or the full day.
  • Get your list ready (to do list).
  • Specialty equipment, power sprayers, tall ladders, hoists charge extra if supplied as per site requirements
  • Must be purchased online
  • Can be shared with your Neighbor
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction for your painter.
  • Fully Insured & WCB Coverage.
  • Must be booked in advance.
  • All General filling, sanding and minor drywall repairs Included
  • Materials not included
  • Sample Items, Color Consultation, Drywall Repairs, Painting of course, you name it our Painter can do it. Create your list and our painter will work thru it.
  • Some Additional Drywall Repairs is subject to a $60.00 per day surcharge.
  • Site visit fee of $59.00 Included in Package Pricing

* Some conditions may apply

Condo Painting Special Starting at $999.00

Including a minimum 2 coats of Paint (Walls Only & Standard Drywall Filling) Student & Seniors Discounts Offered as Well!

    • Minor repairs included
    • Just a little bit more, if your condo is big or small, we will package a price for that
    • Great Painters Included
    • Budget & Save Painters customers can purchase paint through us at a discounted rate
    • This Limited Time Special applies to all of Metro Vancouver .

* Some conditions may apply

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Budget & Save Painters and Decorators Specials are subject to change. All painting & decorating services are provided directly by Budget & Save Painters. We have a team that is local in your community and have a painter in your area.

Call our Customer Service line at 778-737-8989. We are open 7 days a week – 24 hours a day. Visit us online at: www.budgetpainters.ca